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Napa County will have a third-party look into its vaccine program and how it operated in January, a period when Supervisor Belia Ramos, 42, was vaccinated.

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Coupon Queen: Readers share savings and couponing tips

Whenever I get a 20 percent off for a home goods store, or a 30 percent off coupon for a large clothing chain that I think I might use, I throw that coupon in the car. That way I’m always

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Coupon Queen: Coupon cannot be combined… with anything

If I have a store coupon for 50 cents off a tube of toothpaste, and I’ve also got a $1 manufacturer coupon for the same kind of toothpaste, I can stack these together to save $1.50 on this same

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Coupon Queen: What can you do with expired coupons? Don’t

A large clothing store chain routinely accepts its own 20 percent off coupons past the date in my area. There is also a well-known bedding and housewares store that will take them past the date.

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Coupon Queen: ‘Hidden’ coupon restrictions confound

It was via a drugstore’s coupon app, and it gave me 40 percent off one item. I went to the store to buy hair color, which was $9.29. I thought that with the 40 percent off coupon, I would pay $5.57.

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Coupon Queen: The conundrum of continuing coupon confusion

Why they did not use that space for individual coupons for $1.00 off 5; $1.00 off two 4-packs; or $1.00 off an 8-pack or larger is beyond me.”

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Coupon Queen: Couponing versus hoarding | Jill-cataldo

A tearpad of coupons for $1 off pasta hanging right in front of a display of pasta priced at $1 may tempt some shoppers to take as many coupons and boxes as they can fit in their cart.

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Coupon Queen: Manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and

Manufacturer coupons are issued by the brand that makes the product. When a manufacturer wishes to issue a coupon for its own product, that same manufacturer is the party reimbursing the store for

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Coupon Queen: Beware coupon scanning scams | Jill-cataldo

I belong to social media groups that tell you ways to use your coupons in different ways than what (the coupon) says. If a coupon states “$2.50 off 12-ounce shampoo or conditioner,” that

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Coupon Queen: Why businesses exclude certain items from

I got a coupon in the mail the other day for $1.50 off a nut bar. In the fine print, the coupon excludes banana chocolate walnut, chocolate cherry and lemon flavors.

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Coupon Queen: Discount lovers share tips for better

It is worth signing up for their loyalty card because they regularly send out postcards with coupons inside. Almost every month I get one for $2 or $3 off any purchase.

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