How To Protect Money From The Government | Sapling

No one enjoys paying income taxes, and while we can't advocate that you follow illegal means to hide your income, we can offer legal ways to help you protect your money and let you keep more of it for yourself.

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How to Calculate a Coupon Payment | Sapling

In finance, a coupon payment represents the interest that's paid on a fixed-income security such as a bond. Par value is the face value of a bond. Calculate the annual coupon rate by figuring the annual coupon payment, dividing this amount by the par value and multiplying by 100 percent.

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How to Get Free Advair or an Advair Coupon | Sapling

The Advair inhaler is sold in different dosage amounts and is used in accordance with the prescribing doctor's instructions. Advair is an effective asthma medication, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are coupons available for free Advair the first time a prescription is filled and reduced-price prescriptions for up to a year.

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5 Discount Apps That Actually Save You Money | Sapling

As a kid, you were told to pick up pennies and dimes off the ground and with some diligence, they'd become dollars. And that's sort of what discount apps promise you — a little deal here, a few dollars off there, and eventually, you should be in for some good savings.

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How to Get Your HDTV Converter Coupon From the - sapling

With the coming government-mandated transition from analog to digital television, there's quite a buzz stirring. For those of us who refuse to buy a new television set to prepare for this change in 2009, the U.S. government has chosen to lend a helping hand by offering an HDTV converter coupon to all who apply for one.

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How to Get a Discount at Home Depot | Sapling

Numerous third-party retail coupon websites offer coupon codes, printable coupons and promotional codes for Home Depot. Deals Plus and Coupon Sharks offer time-specific discounts that can be redeemed online or printed to use in-store. One promo code on Deals Plus as of publication offered 15 percent off custom blinds and shades from Levolor, Bale and Myblinds.

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Frugal Shopping Myths Debunked | Sapling

The list of frugal grocery shopping tips seems to go on forever. Typical ideas include buying in bulk, cutting coupons and stocking up during the off-season. But are all of these really the best practices when it comes to saving cash and filling the fridge for the family? Don’t be deceived by common myths that may end up costing you at the checkout.

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5 Ways to Make Money Magically Appear | Sapling

Cut those coupons copy/paste/print money! Image Credit: Treating money you've saved as money earned back can be a slippery slope (50% off of a $500 purchase doesn't mean you somehow "made" $250!) but, if you're going to be buying that thing regardless, it doesn't hurt to do the old school one-two of shopping around and looking for

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How to get a free or discounted haircut | Sapling

In addition, many have reward punch cards. Take advantage of all discounts available. For example: You use a coupon, saving $3.00 and the cut will now cost $9.99. They also have a punch card that allows buy 5 get 6th free. You use coupons each time you go. After the 5th haircut, you have save $15 and have a free haircut available on your punch

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