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Join over 1 million people creating their own professional graphics with our easy to use infographic maker. Sign up for free and choose from 1000+ infographic templates.

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Online Coupon Maker - Make Your Own Coupon - Venngage

Coupons are effective marketing tools for both print and digital purposes. Motivate people to try out your business by offering valuable coupons. Sometimes a coupon is all it takes to land a life-long customer! All of this can be achieved with our coupon templates, a little creativity and the desire to create something beautiful.

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Coupon Templates - Venngage

Start driving more business with uniquely designed coupons and gift cards. You have plenty of coupon templates to choose from that are all completely customizable.

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Retail Sale Event Poster - Venngage

Promote your sale with a unique poster, using this retail sale event poster template to kick off your design! CREATE. Don’t let your retail sale go unnoticed! Generate new traffic to your online store or drive customers to your store with this chic Retail Sale Event Poster!

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Free Book Cover Maker - Design a Book Cover With Venngage

The old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover" isn't quite true. When it comes to books, cover design does matters. An eye-catching book cover will help your book jump off the shelf. It can set the tone for the rest of your book. But if you aren't a graphic designer, creating your own book cover might seem like risky business.

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What is a Decision Tree and How to Make One [Templates

USE THIS TEMPLATE . Using a tool like Venngage’s drag-and-drop decision tree maker makes it easy to go back and edit your decision tree as new possibilities are explored.. HOT TIP: With Venngage’s decision tree maker, you can use multiple colors to represent different types of decisions and possible outcomes. Decision trees effectively communicates complex processes

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Online Customer Journey Map Maker - Create Your Own

Your customer journey should feel like experience your customers take if you want to create an effective customer journey map. This is the only way that your company or team will be able to take the user journey seriously. If the customer journey map is too intense or cheesy, they will just write the findings off.

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How to Write a Project Management Plan [+ Examples]

GET THIS FREE TEMPLATE . Further Reading: New to project management?Read our blog post on the 4 stages of the project life cycle.. What are the parts of a project management plan? Before you start assembling your own plan, you should be familiar with the main components of a typical project plan.. A project management plan should include the following sections:

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The 4 Project Life Cycle Phases (With Templates For Each

Understanding and planning for the 4 stages of the project life cycle can help you manage, organize, and plan so your project will go off without a hitch. A project management life cycle will help: Ease communication between project teams and stakeholders; Ensure goals are achievable with the available resources

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How to Write a Business Proposal (Examples & Templates

But that doesn’t mean your business proposal has to be boring. Show off how you’re different compared to other companies, be it through your brand guidelines, using more visuals, switching up your proposal design or even showing off your personality in your writing. Download your business proposal as a PDF.

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How to Write an Effective Incident Report [+ Templates]

USE THIS REPORT TEMPLATE . 3. How to Write an Incident Report It’s important to establish a systematic method for investigating incidents. It’s also equally important to have a report prepared that enables you to record every relevant aspect of the incident–this is the essential first step in the incident reporting process.

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